Why Study in Australia ?

With an ever-growing number of students from all over the world choosing to Study in Australia, it is becoming an international hub for studies. The following are the reasons why Australia is an excellent choice for education abroad.


According to the QS world rankings, seven of the 43 institutions are within the top 100 worldwide. Of those, six are among the top 50 globally.

Quality of Life

Due to its excellent transportation, healthcare, and educational systems, Australia has a very high standard of living. Australia is the heart of adventure and can be a traveller’s dream.

Student Satisfaction

Approximately 87% of international students reported being satisfied or very satisfied with their Study experience and life in Australia, according to a government survey.


Australian graduates are recognized by employers worldwide.

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Australia Dream

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Tests Required to Study in Australia

  • IELTS is conducted in more than 35 cities and is the English exam of choice for businesses, professional groups, and educational institutions in Australia.
  • IELTS tests the language proficiency of candidates through its carefully curated questionnaire across four sections. The minimum score demanded by most Australian Universities is 6.0 or 6.5.
  • A good IELTS score can be a great way to win over universities with a low acceptance rate. The key is choosing a good IELTS preparatory course to help you learn and boost your self-learning.
  • With mock tests, live classes, and evaluations, Leap Scholar’s IELTS Plus course has helped more than 1.5L+ students score a 7+ band in IELTS.
  • TOEFL is one of the most well-regarded courses around the globe. Reports state that 100% of the Australian universities accept TOEFL.
  • The test aims to assess your ability to process complex thoughts and express them in English. These qualities, as TOEFL claims, are quintessential in an academic setting, and in a way, TOEFL prepares you for it.
  • The minimum score for TOEFL accepted by most Australian universities is between 100-110. There are two ways to give this test: - The Internet-based test (iBT), an online test. Paper-based test (PBT), an offline test.
  • PTE Academic is presently recognized by more than 150 institutions in Australia, including more than 80% of TAFEs. Students can take the test in twelve locations across India, including Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Delhi.
  • DIAC also recognizes it for student visas. However, Test takers are advised to check the minimum score requirements with DIAC and the colleges they intend to apply to.
  • Typically, the minimum score for PTE, as requested by most Australian universities, is 72 or above.
  • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) Certificates are accepted by universities as proof of English proficiency and for the visa application process by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).
  • Both IELTS and CAE is run by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL), hence, the scores are considered equivalent to each other by DIAC.
  • The minimum requirement for CAE, as accepted by most universities in Australia, is between 60-79. However, if you score above 80, you are considered outstanding.

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EduExpertsOnline made my Australian study experience exceptional. Their unwavering support and the dynamic education system in Australia have empowered me to grow academically and culturally.

Richard Gere

Studying in Australia through EduExpertsOnline was a life-changing decision. Their expert guidance and the vibrant academic atmosphere Down Under have enriched my skills and expanded my horizons.

Megan Foxx

Thanks to EduExpertsOnline, I'm thriving in Australia's world-class educational landscape. Their personalized assistance and the innovative learning opportunities here have given me the perfect launchpad for a successful career

Haley Bennet

EduExpertsOnline's guidance has been a cornerstone of my Australian study journey. Their commitment to excellence and the diverse academic environment in Australia have set me up for a bright future.

Richard Gere

Choosing EduExpertsOnline for my studies in Australia was a game-changer. Their invaluable support and the high-quality education system in Australia have been instrumental in shaping my growth

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Haley Bennet

Studying in Australia has been a dream come true, thanks to EduExpertsOnline. Their constant encouragement and the world-renowned education system in Australia have given me the best possible start

Richard Gere